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"SeekingTruth, Seeking Why"

This is the title for the entire collection of work. It will eventually be submitted for hardcover publication.


Dennis Carroll, short stories, seek and you shall find.

"The Naming"

"The Naming” is a 4000 word eBook fictional human interest short story about rescue dogs. It is a fictional history of two stray city dogs who adopt a person. My oldest daughter did not want a dog, certainly not two large dogs. She was a single woman living in a second story apartment. None-the-less, they came to her. Everyone who adopts a rescue dog wonders about the past life of the animal. Even though fictional, her dogs now have a history. This story is for my oldest daughter; it is for everyone who has taken in a stray or rescue animal.

A "Dog Story Story". ZQ65Z

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Human interest fiction, dog story, rescue dogs

ISBN: 9781310213601

Published 02/22/14

"The Peace Of Bark"

“The Peace of Bark” is 4500 word eBook fictional human interest short story about rescue dogs. It tells the story of a rescue dog and his redemptive effects on the lives of various humans who cross his path. The story is fictional but was inspired by my youngest daughter, her husband, and all of the dogs they have rescued Although this is not their story, there is a story there worthy of being told. And until its telling, this is my best effort to make a case for all the abandoned, homeless animals out there worthy of a life with dignity and respect.

A "Dog Story". JK83J


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human interest fiction, dog story, humane society, rescue dogs

ISBN: 9781311981493

Published 02/22/14

"Joshua Maximus, The Gospel According To The Storyteller"

“Joshua Maximus, The Gospel According To The Storyteller” is a15,700 word eBook speculative history of religious traditions.

It proposes a history of Jesus and John the Baptist, two of the most important figures in religious history, from a secular viewpoint. The book is not in the "Christian Book" genre.

A "Secular History" story. TQ23X


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religious fiction, Jesus, Gospel, john the baptist, early christianity, short story

ISBN: 9781311170354

Published 11/28/2013

"The Lord"

“The Lord” is a 5000 word speculative history short story which narrates a secular explanation for the period of history between Abraham and Moses. It proposes new relationships between the cast of bigger than life characters of this period which includes Hagar, Abraham, Sarai, Ishmael, and Isaac. The story is speculative religious history with a dash of science fiction.

A "Secular History" story. EV85G

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religious fiction, science fiction, Abraham, Sarai, Hagar, Ishmael, Isaac, Moses

ISBN: 9781311090287


"The Disciple"

“The Disciple” is a 2200 word irreverent satirical farce describing a business meeting beytween Satan and Paul of Tsarus. It is a tongue-in-cheek offering to people who take every word in the King James Bible as absolute literal truth and exclude the possibility that other interpretations and faiths are as valid as their own faith. The parody is not to be taken seriously. Otherwise, I would be disowned by everyone that I know.

Almost a "Secular History" story. DF82Y

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religious fiction, irreverent, satire, Paul, Saul of Tarsus, satan

ISBN: 9781310105562

Published 12/20/2013

"Country Light"

“Country Light” is a 3375 word fictional short story which recounts the Christmas night of a young 90+ year old woman where she finds what she did not even know she was seeking.

A "White Light" story. HM76S

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human interest fiction, dying, white light


Published 05/02/2014

"Dorothy and the Quantum Mechanic"

“Dorothy and The Quantum Mechanic” is a 3000 word speculative fiction short story. It is actually two separate stories, read concurrently. One story proposes novel pop-scientific theories and the second story proposes how these theories would affect the after-life. The story provides a quantitative definition of time, a quantitative definition of the soul, explains the nature of the universe and of the white light at life's end. Maybe true stories of death and the universe.

A "White Light" story. DF67N

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science fiction, dying, white light, nature of time, nature of the universe, nature of the soul.


Published 03/03/14

"The Answer" "The Answer" is a 2100 word collection of snapshots, vignets, excerts and additional information from the 8 previous stories plus new material. This story attempts to answer the question "What's it all about?" In other words the answer to the question "Why?" cover Coming some day spiritual fiction, answers, short story